Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where is God when we need him?

Faith can be extremely difficult for many to believe in, to grasp, and to live as a way of life. In a world filled with so much pain, hurt, corruption, disaster, and confusion, it may be impossible to see where God is at times.

The fact of the matter is, many people call on God to appear in times of emergency, when He may be the only card left in the deck that can help them. Before these emergencies arise, many walk through life blind, refusing to accept Christ, and living their lives selfishly, not for the good of others. Since being saved, I have become a firm believer that God would love to help us all at the mention of his name, for He loves us, but may times, he does not. Why is that, you may ask?

Here's the catch. Why would God interject into a situation to help those who previously had no belief or faith in Him? If God decided tomorrow to make everything in the world perfect, it would leave him nothing to judge us on when the day comes. This is where the free will he gave us comes in to play. Our free will is the ONE thing God cannot interfere with. The most basic disagreements and arguments are of free will, and when taken to a high scale creates such things as war, discrimination, poverty, and many of the other awful things we see today. The sad thing is, we would rather blame God than accept these things that stem from our own selfishness, and selfishness is a product of FREE WILL. Every person, in every nation on Earth has control of what THEY choose to do. If everybody started living for the good of others, unselfish and caring, Earth would become a Paradise in it's own.

Sadly, this is impossible. Only through your own faith will God come to your rescue, as he has done for me. So next time you think of blaming God for your life's situations or shortcomings, first stop to figure out exactly what you have done to deserve God's help. I'm going to keep this nice and easy for those who become easily confused. Use your free will for good, not to be selfish. Walk in the light in all that you do, and you will know and see God as you never had before. But that, as with everything else, is your God given decision of free will to make. So, make the right choice and you will flourish, continue to walk in the darkness and God will not see you.